Don’t you like me?

How come so many people on Tumblr reblog a post without liking it? It makes me feel so used. Am I being old fashioned or shouldn’t you like a post before you reblog it?

Posted on March 7, 2013

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  1. ladonnasaurus said: Is it tumblr inappropriate to not like a post and then reblog it? I feel bad now! I always thought reblogs were like a hug and likes were just a pat on the back?
  2. columbinellc said: I don’t think you’re being old fashioned. Yes, I like your blog and I might like you too but I don’t know you, I know your blog. I like a lot of the photos you post but since the objective of my tumblr is to publish original photos, I rarely reblog
  3. dreamssoreal said: Reblogging means I like it. I use the like as a file folder for things generally unrelated to plants.
  4. gramireus said: they just serve different purposes - liking something is personal and reblogging it is more about expanding its viewership or using it to represent yourself in a way. and people use them in other ways, too, tumblr is cool like that
  5. treasureboxes said: I use the “like” feature as a bookmark for things I might want to reblog later. It’s about flow on my blog and about not reblogging 200 images from the same blog at once.
  6. istayhighoffyourmemory said: That seems silly to me sorry. Bc if I reblog something it means I really really like something. So for me, reblogging something is generally better than a like..
  7. moviesorientated said: prsnally I only click like when I can’t reblog.
  8. mursss said: I never thought of it that way! I usually like things that I think are cool and reblog things I super love. Haha regardless your blog is dope. Don’t feel bad!
  9. kitchengardener said: Do you blog for your own satisfaction or the approval of others?
  10. randomc said: Usually if I reblog a post, it means I love it. If I just like a post, it’s just a like, sometimes I do both and those posts are just the best.
  11. andrewsplants said: I use my likes as a “I want to be able to find this post/I like it but I don’t want it on my blog” - where I obviously like anything I reblog or I wouldn’t be reblogging it. I rarely do both.
  12. amphipr0tic said: I don’t like you. I LOVE YOU!
  13. just-breezy said: I know right? I always like before I reblog.
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